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A page for images of firefighters in action





Practice Hot Fire RAF Sharjah circa 1968/69

Aircraft wreckage

What's happening here?

Command Fire Officer, WO and worker

Command Fire Officer


...if you can't stand the heat

Well alight

Mk7 deployed on tail

Recce in peogress

ACRT in action

Rescue in progress

DP2 in position

Crew hard at work

Water relay connected

Fire well under control

Can't you just smell that protein foam?

Good foam blanket

View from behind Mk7 & DP2

Anyone know the pump operator?

Crew photo

Where did that cut-down DP1 appear from?

Knock off and make up

Tails saved


Photo's kindly sent in by Dave McBain, member no 627, originally taken by Pete Halstead.  Dave recalls the crew earned themselves a "Well done!" from the visiting officer but no case of Tiger.







Action Shots from Scampton Circa 1976



Kindly provided by Mick Chapman


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Practice crash fire at RAF Marham  1968


Images kindly provided by Bob Feather



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Gibraltar 1981


Same place 1972...



Oakington 1974


Operating from ACRT & Mk 6

Kindly sent in by Mal Ray


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From John James

Practice Fire RAF Catterick Fire School early 80's. The vehicle in use is a brand new Mk11 and the aircraft is Vulcan XL321 ex 50 Sqn RAF Waddington

From Q Eaton


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Practice Crash at Changi 1964

Pictures from John Irwin  Mem No 970

Click on thumbnails to view full size image

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Practice Crash Hal Far (Malta) 1970

From Bob Ewing


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Some Action Shots from training school exercises:
(Courtesy of Gordon Smith)

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Exercise at Machrihanish 1982ish


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Kiwi Canberra in the overshoot at USAF Base Korat in Thailand. They flew it back to Tengah with the wheels down!

Kindly sent by Colin Hall

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..and a few from days gone by:




Hunter nose-wheel collapse


Hot Fire


Wyton Canberra

From Bob Ewing


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Cranwell's new simulator 2009:

From Gerry Kelly


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From Gordon Smith


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