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Mk 8



The Mk 8 was introduced in the early 1970ís to replace Mk 5 and Mk 5A Foam vehicles.  It was the first modern Crash Truck to be operated exclusively from the monitor position and had a Jaguar 4.2 ltr engine installed for driving the pump.  Because of itís rather ungainly design, somewhat sluggish performance and tendency to run out of water and petrol far too quickly, it was never a popular vehicle amongst RAF Fire-fighters. It was the last vehicle to use air-blown foam.



Bedford RLHC3 3 ton 4 X 4


Bedford 6 cylinder 4916cc petrol (road)

Jaguar 6 cylinder 4200cc petrol (pump)

Water Tank Capacity

460 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

80 Gallons

Foam output (finished foam)

5000 Gallons per-minute through monitor and two side-lines or through double-jet monitor




More Mk 8's

At St Athan


Manston Museum 2010

Restored Mk 8

In Leeds Livery

From Flashpoint archives


Pictured at RAF Sydenham mid '70s

from Holger

Manston Museum 8

Manston Museum 8

From Wayne Gilmore

Manston Museum 8

From Wayne Gilmore

28AG25 at RAF Chivenor

From Peter Mitrovich

27 AG 87

From Wayne Gilmore

27 AG 93 at Teesside Fire Engine Rally 1981

From Ken Reid

27AG80 at Manston

From Steve Greenaway



28AG32 on strike duties

Chelsea Barracks 1977

From Peter Ashpool


27AG81 at Odiham

From Steve Greenaway



27AG80 on strike duties

Chelsea Barracks 1977

From Peter Ashpool


27AG77 at Binbrook

From Fred Jiggins


27AG76 at Linton-on-Ouse

From Brian Douglas

27AG96 at Church Fenton with Ray Hill

From Wayne Gilmore

27AG96 Operating from EWS at Church Fenton

From Wayne Gilmore

28AG25 at Chivener


28AG23 at Conningsby

From Del Fisher


27AG79 at Binbrook

From Del Fisher



A gallery of photographs from Edmund Peschel

Off Side View


Near Side View


Rear View


Back end uncovered


Jaguar Engine


Ripper Gun Air Pack


Battery Charger




Rear Locker with Hydraulic rescue Equipment


Driving Seat


Dashboard Switches


Petrol Tank and Small Gear


Rear of Cab


Monitor Hatch Controls


Flushing Valve





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