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Mk 7



The Mk 7 was introduced in 1965 to supplement the Mk 6 fleet, and consisted of a DP2 chassis fitted with Mk 6 foam equipment.  With improved reliability, a suction eye and water pumping capability, and more easily air-transportable, the Mk 7 was a more versatile primary one foam tender.



Thorneycroft Nubian TFA 6 X 6


Rolls Royce B81 Petrol

Water Tank Capacity

700 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

110 Gallons

Foam output (finished foam)

5000 Gallons per- minute through monitor and two side-lines or through double-jet monitor



More Mk 7's:


26AG97 at Khormaksar

From John Irwin


Navy Mk7 at Yeovilton


On Display


26AG84 as Command reserve late 80s

From David Wickwar


25AG94 at

 Barkston Heath

From Gordon Smith


26AG84 at Thorney Island 1975

From David Wickwar


25AG94 at

 Barkston Heath

From Gordon Smith


26AG84 as new at Thorney Island 1975

From David Wickwar


Kinloss 1981 with Gary Humphrey & Davey Wood

26AG89 & 27AG11 at St Mawgan 1977

From Bob Ewing


26AG98 at Sharjah

1968 from Richard White


27AG36 at Manston

From Olgar


26AG79 at Belize

From Paul Theobald



26AG98 at Sharjah

From Wayne Davis


3 Mk7s at Masirah

From Adey Tearl


27AG00 at Masirah

From Bill Rogers

27AG30 at Gan

From Ken Godfrey


Navy 7 at Lee-on-Solent

From Steve Greenaway

Salalah 7s

From Ian "Compo" Spencer


25AG94 after further restoration at Scampton Museum 2015

From Carl Bell




A gallery of photographs from Edmund Peschel

Off Side view

Rear view

BCF Line and basket strainer

Pneumatic saw storage


Pump Compartment

MFG Air Filter

Off Side Tool Locker



BCF Control Panel



Forward of Front Passenger Seat


Roof stowage for Suction Hose, Crowbar and Ladder


BCF Tank

View of Primer and PTO Oil Fill


Near Side Locker with 45mm Delivery Hose


4 inch Branch Pipes ready for action



Under-step Grease Nipples



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