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Mk 6



Introduced in 1956, the Mk 6 combined a 5000 gallon per minute air-blown foam system with superb off–road performance to create the iconic RAF Fire Service vehicle that so many of us remember so fondly.



Alvis Salamander 6 X 6


Rolls Royce B81 Petrol

Water Tank Capacity

700 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

110 Gallons

Foam output (finished foam)

5000 Gallons per- minute through monitor and two side-lines or through double-jet monitor on Mk 6C


Artwork by Ron Henderson


More 6's:



03AG48 at Waterbeach

From Wayne Gilmore 

Six's at Fairford mid 70s

From peter Ashpool

23AG76 Preserved and on display at RAF Museum Hendon

From Steve Greenaway


23 AG91 at Changi 1963

From John Irwin

03AG48 at Waterbeach

From Wayne Gilmore 


23AG83 upside down

From Malcolm Wilson






From John Irwin & Dave Jenner


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