Mk 10



The Mk 10 series was introduced during the 1980ís as a primary 2 foam vehicle.  During their development and refurbishment program many modern innovations were incorporated, including improved lighting systems and Clan Lukas hydraulic rescue equipment.



Scammell Nubian 4 X 4


Rear mounted Cummins Diesel

Water Tank Capacity

600 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

98 Gallons

Foam output

4500 Gallons per minute




11AY77 at Scampton

From Steve Greenaway


04AJ53 at Farnborough late '80s

From Steve Greenaway


48AJ61 at Odiham

From Steve Greenaway


48AJ63 at Brawdy

From Steve Greenaway

48AJ64 at Binbrook

From Fred Jiggins


48AJ67 Brand new at Wittering

From Peter Ashpool


48AJ67 at Duxford

From Steve Greenaway


31AG72 at Molesworth

From Dave Keogh


31AG74 on it's side at Benson

From Iain Rowland


48AJ62 at Chivenor

From Mike Stone