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Roger Allen:-roger.allen20@virgin. net

Hello, I am trying to contact Paul Matthews who joined the Royal Air Force c 1956 and became an RAF Fireman

Philip Heeney:-Philip

Damn good web site, some names from the past, Rudloe and Gibraltar were my last postings.


Hi all, I am still trying to make contact with any member who was stationed at RAF Wattisham between June 1958 and February 1960. The station at that time was only manned by RAF Firemen. I would particularly like to make contact with any member of the Wattisham Crash Crew who were on duty with me (Mk5 driver) on the 11th July 1958 when Javelin XA751 crashed in a field adjacent to the Ringshall to Wattisham back road near Moat Farm. If you were there please make contact.

Dennis (Thommo)

Just found this site, names and memories returning, joined in 1958 trained at Sutton moved with crew to complete at Catterick served Nicosia, Horsham St Faith, Leconfield, Honington, Lindholme (detachment) finished at Honington 1964. To all good luck and keep up the good work. Will join later.


Hi to all the members that know me, RAF Fire Service 1980 to 1989 now teaching trainees at London Fire Brigade Training Centre as a Watch Manager

Brian E

Just to let everyone know (who wants to know) that we have moved from BC to Saskatchewan and have changed our e mail address as above. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from the "Good old days" 1956 to 1968


RAF Fireman from 1965 to 1988 served Watton, Masirah, Oakington, Marham x2, Gutersloh x2,Cottesmore, Macrihanish. Found web site through colleague, fantastic detail, some old buddies.

Willie (Jock)

Just searching through the site and saw old pals. Will join shortly, anyone who knows me can e mail me. I served from 1978 to 1985 at Wittering, Wildenrath, Cottesmore, Northolt. Regards and best wishes.

Alan (Mac)

Served from '84 to'88 (not long) but enjoyable and met some great people, Macrihanish '84 to '86 and Honington '86 to '88 with a small tour to Bishops Court in '87. feel free to get in touch lads.


Great nostalgia, served from 1975 to 1980 mostly at St Athan. Now living in USA and still in the fire service, anyone who served with me please contact, Al McCartney, Andy Cooper, Les Boulter.


I am a member but have changed my e mail address. I was at West Raynham from'60 to '62 then Changi, Labuan, Brunei from '62 to '64.

Frederick John

I am already in your guest book but this is just a change of e mail address. I was in from 1959 to 1968 as follows Bridgenorth '59, Sutton on Hull '59, Weeton '59, Wyton'59 to '62, Changi '62 to '65, St Athan '65 to'67, Khormaksar '67 till the end, and St Mawgan till demob in 1968. Cheers for now John. (Excellent site will join soon)


I'm no longer an association member, (mainly because I live in New Zealand) but am still in contact with a few former RAF Fire Service people. Oddly I sometimes I think I served alone because I've got virtually no contact with anyone from Sutton 1958, Eastleigh 1958/60, Cottesmore 1960/62. some contact through Terry Giblin, Tengah 1966 whilst in the RNZAF, and I know Ron Brown, but if anyone wishes to contact me feel free.

Simon Ingate (Cadders)

Great web site, some familiar names. Gonna join and hopefully meet up with some old friends, anyone who knows me feel free to drop me a line.


Found this site whilst researching Dad's service as an RAF Fireman W.O. Ken (Taff) Crouch RAF Regiment then RAF Fireman Sutton on Hull Leuchars, Coltishall, Changi, Ballykelly, Gutersloh, Macrihanish, Lossiemouth, Akrotiri, Brize Norton, Northolt, Waddington, 1947 to 1980's sadly no longer with us. if you served with him you would definately remember him as he was quite a character. Would be pleased to hear any stories etc. and contact from anyone who knew him.


Were any members stationed at Christmas Island in 1961 when the Americans arrived to carry out their weapon tests. I would like to hear from you.


I would just like to say thanks to all friends and colleagues of the late WO Jim Barron who sent me their condolences and have shown support to me at this sad time. I was saddened and devastated to hear of his untimely death. I was Jim's first wife (Bernie) and was married to him for 15 years. Though we parted company a few years ago I wished him well for the future. I never had a bad word to say about him and hoped that one day we would meet but unfortunately for me he had moved on. I was not allowed to attend his funeral to say my farewells to him so instead I held a special service for him in my local church. He was and always will be the love of my life. we will meet again Jimbo. Rest in peace "Sweetie" lots of love Bernie.


For Gordon, Nobby Clarke and I worked together in Taif  in Saudi Arabia in Gulf war, we were both Station Officers he Domestic me Crash, will send a few e mails and let you know if I can locate. All the best to you and all the old boys.


I am trying to trace my old mate Nigel (Nobby) Clarke, we served together at RAF Coningsby in the early eighties, he was then posted to RAF Hendon as he was a very good artist. He has spent several years working as a Fire Officer overseas. I last heard he was back in Essex somewhere. Can anyone help me track him down.


This is a very good site with a lot of my old colleagues as members, I was saddened to read that one of my best friends (Jim Barron) had died, time passes by so quickly that you can lose touch with people you knew so well.


Does anyone know the whereabouts of my old crew mate from Bawdsey Colin Maw

Mark (Geordie)

Thanks to all the lads who have been in touch, great to hear from you. just showing new e mail address...great site keep up the good work. Any lads who know how to contact Graeme Bebbington could you drop me a line please.


Have just found this web site and saw some names I remember and some that are familiar. I lost touch with everyone in the RAf Fire Service after Brize Norton and my treatment at Headley Court (back injury) subsequently leading to my medical discharge in 1999. If anyone can remember me it would be great to hear from you.


Hi all just found this site, off to join now. Anyone who think they may know me please feel free to get in touch


I served with the RAF from 1966 to 1972 served at Cottesmore, Masirah, Oakington and Gibraltar, would like anyone who knows me to get in touch

Donald Alan (Taff)

I only served 12 years unlike the long  termers. I like to visit the pages and as I am now retired to Gibraltar it's the only way I can see who's passed on. Please keep up the good work.

Trevor (Spud)

Just seen the sad news of Jim Barron would have been in attendance to say my farewells but unfortunately lost contact with people. Regards and sympathy with Jim's family, anyone remembers me be good to hear from you, PS where is Ronnie Macgregor.


Hi to all who may have known me from 1961 to 1973 having served at Catterick, Watton, Changi, Labuan, Northolt, Khormaksar and Bawdsey.


What a great shame, Glyn Mills was on the watch I was on at Honington very early 1980s. Such a gentle bloke. My sympathy goes out to his family.


Greetings to all who remembers me as that brat of WO Jack Killeen. If you read this Uncle Derek (Moscrop) send me an e mail and I will give you contact details, cheers Norman......Hi my dad would like your e mail address, David Moscrop son of Derek Moscrop.


Just a change of e mail address, Pip you still owe me 10

Robbie Campbell (Akenhead)

I would just like to say that the RAF Fire and Rescue Service did WO Jim Barron proud last week, I felt honoured to witness the professionalism from all attendees especially under the difficult circumstances, it was very fitting to see so many ex service colleagues and members of  DFRMO attend. Jim would have been smiling down on everyone especially when Frank Sinatra's "My Way" was played


Hi to all who knows me, e mail update very sad news about WO Barron he will be sadly missed. Anyway regards to all who knows me and to all those who don't

John (Taff)

Hi, looking for co-firefighters from Benson, Cottesmore, Rudloe Manor, Wildenrath, Upavon, anyone who knows me please get in touch

Alistair (Woody)

Just found your web site, found a few names I  recognise  from RAF times and a few from Saudi. Keep up the good work.


Looking for Tom Lilburn, Steamer Point Aden 1963


Have just found this site and have applied for membership. Sorry to see a couple of names in the obituaries of people I had served with. Will keep looking from time to time


WO Jim Barron who was the WO i/c fire section at RAF Kinloss was killed on Saturday 12/04/2008 in a road traffic accident near scotch corner whilst en route to Lincoln. Funeral detail TBC. Jim was well respected by all who had met and served with him over his service career. He will be missed by all in the RAF Fire service. I have fond memories of working with Jim.


Didn't expect to find so many names I know


So many names, so many faces and so many memories mostly enjoyable and it still makes me smile at some of the antics that used to go on. All the best to you all. Now a copper in Lincolnshire working with the likes of Jimmy Neal, Si Hart, Jim Plummer to name a few. Drop a line, cheers.


Just checked out some names on the list and my god I have aged about thirty years. Anyway regards to all who knows me and unlucky to those who don't.


Just to congratulate you for forming this association, will be sending my application form ASAP


Just to let all who knows me that I am taking over the Fire Section at RAF Benson on 14th April. Anyone who fancies a visit e mail me or give me a bell on my mobile 07817370112


I did come across some names that brought back memories of my 12 years service. Many thanks.

Tony La,uk

To anyone interested Stevie Wiles had his demob do in November 2007. An absolutely brilliant day, ate too much, definately drank too much, felt very old next morning sporting bust up nose black eye and damaged face.....don't ask

Wayne (Taff)

Hello all who knows me. I see Mick Abbot & Martin Keightly who I joined up with in 1977. Some others I know Phil Bryan from Brize Norton, Nigel Burgess, Derek Potter, Derrick Crouch from Northolt. Mike Goldstone, Jim Gray and Martin John from Stanley and MPA in 1984. Last Ian (Ned) Kelly from Cranwell in 1984. Please get in touch.


Jerry Thorpe, where have you put my fags you sod

Noel (Frankie) Franklin

Great site, will be applying for membership in September 2008, keep up the good work. Served in the RAF Fire Service 1974 to 1981 at RAF Binbrook and Wittering. Currently employed at Coventry Airport fire Service

Brian James

I served from 1955 to 1959 mainly in the middle East, Steamer Point Aden, Nicosia Cyprus and my last year at Middleton St George. My training was at Padgate and Sutton On Hull. Names sometimes fail me but memories never. Have been looking for such as this site for years, definately going to join.


I would like to thank Ron Brown for ringing me to inform me of the association, I am definately going to join



Graham Thomas

I left the RAF Fire Service in 1993 and have just found this site. I have seen names I remembered and places I have served. I have just printed off the membership forms and will be sending them in shortly, meantime if anyone remembers me please feel free to get in touch. Great web site.

Colin George (Terry)

I've been out of touch for the past few years due to work and my duties as Hon Sec of the Cornwall Rugby Referees Society and President of my local Golf Society. I have now applied to rejoin the association.


A great site, came across a couple of names I knew, I served from 1971 to 1974 at RAF Coltishall, 1974 to 1977 RAF Luqa, 1977 to 1978 RAF Catterick. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me.

Gary Curley:-gart

Can anyone give me any info on the whereabouts of Mark Davies, I last saw him in Belize in 1989 at that time he was a Cpl. Also Cpl Mal Lee who I served with at RAF Finningly in 1990, where are they now?


Still in contact with Phil Cawley (Wellington Airport N.Z.) he is over next year for a wedding  August/September pity it wasn't for the reunion, we were stationed at Northolt 1972/74 then he went and joined the N.Z. air force fire service for anyone who remembers him at ( I am sure he would welcome a word or two from old mates.


Watching TV the other night did I see an association member in a blazer in a new truck? if so who was it.


RAF Laarbruch museum would like to thank Joe Shackleton for the Christmas card he sent to the museum from the group. We were pleased to host you in your visit and look forward to another. We have some photo's we can send on now we have Joe's address. The museum is progressing and we are hoping to buy the Buccaneer cockpit, funds permitting, that is at Manston as it is now surplus to requirements. Kind Regards, Rod Hawkins.


Hi guys... passed AST yesterday. Interested in joining RAF Fire Service any useful info would be grateful also info about the selection process and type of work I will be doing


Hi to all who knew me, I was at Honington around '89/'91 and seem to remember a few names on here, Mark Armond seems to ring a bell. Joined prison service in 1992 and served at various prisons until 2001. Regards to all.


I served at the following Fire Sections during my career in the RAF Fire Service, Watton '65/'66 Khormaksar '66/'67/ St. Mawgan '68/'69 Masirah '69/'70 any ex RAF Firemen who remembers me please get in touch, cheers.


I served 1969 to 1981 as an RAF Police dog handler and am trying to trace an ex RAF fireman who was at either Waddington or Scampton 1972/73 I say either as I lived near him in married quarters which were for both camps. I was at Waddington, all I remember is the surname which is Carty, another fireman I remember was Chick Bebb at Bishops Court 72/73 .


I have been a member for a few years but have now changed e mail address. I served from Nov 58 to 63 at North Luffenham till Sept. 59 then Marham until demob in 1963 so I suppose anyone I served with are now in their mid sixties, seventies. If there are any ex firemen around who knew me it would be nice to get in touch


Just to say I have made contact with Ray Faires. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Great to see so many old comrades names, I served between 1974 and 1997 Benson, Saxa Vord, Troodos, Kinloss to name a few. Now live in North East Scotland. Maybe we should have a North East Scotland "mini re union". Anyone up for it?

Ralph (Buck)

The e mail address on the guest list and is now as above if anyone is remotely interested in contacting me. Someone must still be alive that knew me.


Please note my new e mail address, if anyone remembers me please get in touch.


Anyone out there know the whereabouts or contact details of Paul McGee. Steve Harrison and I served with Paul at RAF Masirah 1967/68 and are trying to get him to the March re union. Paul was also stationed with me at RAF Gutersloh in 1975/76 and was known there as Luigi


Alan, when you were at Northolt did you come across Paul Fleet or know his whereabouts, he came from Brighton. Cheers Neil If anyone is in contact with Ray Faires or Bob Plumb please let me know. Many thanks Neil.


After all these years I find this site, well done chaps. I served from 1971 to 1976 in the Fire Section. Trade training at RAF Catterick then on to Bampton, Macrihanish, Northolt before demob. Drop me a line if anyone remembers me, regards F8094978 SAC Deacon A


Just had a scramble thru the members page, looks interesting enough to join if nobody minds an ex RAFF square peg to contact

Ralph (Buck)

SAC Buck Roebuck stationed at RAF Finningley '61 to'65, RAF Wildenrath '65 to '68, RAF Cranwell to 1970. Any of you guys remember me or even want to, now living in Spain with wife Babs.


I served for nine years, Sutton on Hull '59, Weeton '59, Wyton'59 to '62, Changi '62 to '65, St Athan '65 to '67, Khormaksar '67, St Mawgan '68. Nine very good years, must join your association soon.


As James is having problems with e mail address then please try the one above.


Hello all, just found this site and it's amazing some of the names on here. I served in the RAF Fire Service from 1990 to 2002 at Scampton, Ascension, St Mawgan and Croatia. Still in touch with a few lads, Hilly (does anyone remember a certain Gilbert Blades who got me and Hilly out of a spot of bother in those crazy Scampton days) Mick Lamond, Dave Irwin, Richie Boyle, Tony Harland, John Paynter, Simon (Larry) Lyons, Wes Mather just to name a few. Would love to hear from anyone I served with. As for me I left the RAF and joined the Cheshire Fire Brigade where I have been serving for six years and really enjoying it. It makes a big difference going to fires every day instead of section cleaning. All the best, Fletch. I also served for 5 years at RAF Cottesmore, how could I forget to mention those Cottesmore years!!!

James (Lofty) 

Neil - I think there is something wrong with the link for your e mail address. I am in touch with Jim Croll


Great site, membership on it's way. Would be nice to catch up with Ray Faires and Jim Croll

Merv (Taff)

Have just found out about this site and will be joining shortly. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ray Elliott last known address Malta


Hi, doing some research on behalf of my father Donald Elliott who served as an RAF fireman 1949 to 1952 at RAF St Eval and RAF St Mawgan for Coastal Command. If anyone remembers him and wants to get in touch please contact me by e mail and I will pass on to dad for snail mail to take over.


Great meeting old mates especially "Taff the Fire" the best re union to date, thanks to all our committee.


I served as an RAF Fireman from 1974 to 1987, served at the following units, 1974 to 1978 RAF Brawdy, 1978 to 1982 RAF Abingdon and Nocton Hall, detached to Ascension Island April/June 1982, RAF Carrerick Fire Training School in 1983 and my last posting was RAF Northolt 1983 to 1987. So anyone who remembers me don't be afraid to get in touch. I would like to know the whereabouts of one Gary Tibbs, if anyone can help me please contact me at the above e mail address, thanks.


To Bennie Zacardelli, glad to see you lived long enough to make it to the re union. The way you threw yourself and Pauline round the dance floor reminded me of the high kicks you used to do in the caravan at Rufforth and Fenton fire section. Take care my friend and I hope I live long enough to learn to dance as good as you. George.           P.S. Lets see if we can get our old Fenton mates together at the March re union.


Enjoyed the web site soon to join. Stephen (sound as a pound) Larkin

Bob (Taff)

With nothing better to do on a Fri afternoon I found this great site. Names from the past, memories and mates came flooding back, will be joining very soon. One I have to mention is Scouse Edwards, we served together at Sharjah and a story I remember is on a day off flying on a Shack for several hours on a desert sortie. (In those days Scouse couldn't do joined up writing!!!!) and now he's a best selling author. All the very best to each and everyone.


Last week I got in contact with Roy Friel at  Doncaster, Tom Epps from South of the Thames and Ian Priestley in Hull, they couldn't believe I was still alive. (I didn't think I was that old) all from Church Fenton. Hope I live long enough to get to South Downs.

Lee (Guppy)

Hello all, have just completed my membership form and popped it in the post. It will be good to be a member and join the great and the good of the names I have just read.

Brian E.

Does anyone have a group or other photo's of the Fire Section at RAF Abingdon  between 1958 and the early 60's. Am looking to recapture some old memories. Perhaps some of you are dusting off your photo albums for the upcoming reunion could see if you have any that would fit the bill.


Hello out there, served from 1980 to 1992 at Coningsby, Bruggen, Waddington, Swinderby, those remembering hello....... and the great times we had. Hope you are all well, be great to hear from you.


Hi gents, is there anyone out there who served at RAF Dishforth fire section 53/63 under Paddy Flynne, if there is get in touch. I have found three old mates through the association Mike Hayward, Bob Dickenson and Fred Greenwood and we have met up three times a year at the reunions and the remembrance parade in London. We have just found another old mate G. Lovie through "Flashpoint" we are now the Dishforth 5, anyone reading this who has not joined DO SO it's great to meet old mates.

John Fry (formerly Hill)

Hi, I was a fireman from 1956 to 1961 at RAF Abingdon, Christmas Island and Thorney Island. I would like to find Ron Harding from the West Country, if there is anyone who could help please e mail me. I also have some photo's of crash trucks and crews if anyone is interested.

Andy (Kubs)

"As you were" Great to see all those names from the past, some famous and some infamous both inside and outside the fire service. Now a fully fledged civvy type chasing oil fires instead of aircraft. Would love to get in contact with Geoff Brown if anyone has a contact.


Thanks to lofty I am now trying to contact old friends, I joined up in 1971 and came out in 1993. I served at RAF Northolt, Luqa, Cranwell, North Coates, Wittering, Ash, Henlow and Biggin Hill. I was also in the Falklands in 1984.


Just found this site and am amazed at how many names, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Kenny Cox or remembers me please contact.


Scrolling down I see many blasts from the past, Reggie Metcalfe, Bomber Brown, Terry Monaghan, Rob Jones all Honington. The good old days when we all had black and white telly and rickets. After 23 years at the pointy end of the ship I've settled down at AWE where we all glow in the dark. Keep your heads down all you lads in the warmer detachments.


Just found the site, I recognise a few names I really hope this message finds all who know me well it would be great to hear from the lads again. '86 to '98 Brize, Marham, Coningsby, Falklands x 2Laarbruch, Ploce dockyard camp (Croatia) special hi to Ray Thackeray Brize '86, WO Bones Falklands, WO Costello Marham, Tommy Farrell Laarbruch, Simon Allely Marham, and Andy Phalp I've lost your number. All the best guys.


Anyone who might remember me I would like to hear from the


It is quite a few years since I left the RAF so it was nice to see some old names from Rudloe Manor, Gutersloh and Cranwell. Claim to fame crashing one Mk9 into another during taceval at Gutersloh (still have the photo's) Few names from Rudloe Manor some may remember Tim Holt, Phil Evans,Dave Bending, Steve Brown, Mick Butterworth and Taff Venn.


Great site, some familiar names there a big hello to Mark Wilson anyone remember me please get in touch. Was at Cottesmore '80 to'83 then Waddington till '87, would be great to hear from some of the lads.


Hi to all those who knows me, served from '85 to '97 St Mawgan, West Raynham, Ascension, Falklands, Swinderby, Upavon, Ruppertsweiller, and Brize. Would be nice to hear from old friends.

Alan David

Have today just found site, am ex-fireman 1958 to 1970 RAF Kinloss '59/'60, 1.1/2 years RAF Gutersloh, 2 1/2 years RAF Newton, short time in Malaya Alor Star nr Thai border, 3 years RAF Hal Far Malta, Luqa, final base RAF Scampton still living in area on site of old Bomber Command station RAF Skellingthorpe. Great site will check in again soon Cheers.


To Alan Godfree No 79, Hi Alan in contact with Phil Cawley NZ Wellington airport fire department, said he had lost contact with you, if you are on line give me a call ciao Benni


Thanks to lofty I am now trying to contact old friends, I joined up in 1971 and came out in 1993. I served at RAF Northolt, Luqa, Cranwell, North Coates, Wittering, Ash, Henlow and Biggin Hill. I was also in the Falklands in 1984.


Just found this site and am amazed at how many names, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Kenny Cox or remembers me please contact.


Scrolling down I see many blasts from the past, Reggie Metcalfe, Bomber Brown, Terry Monaghan, Rob Jones all Honington. The good old days when we all had black and white telly and rickets. After 23 years at the pointy end of the ship I've settled down at AWE where we all glow in the dark. Keep your heads down all you lads in the warmer detachments.


Just found the site, I recognise a few names I really hope this message finds all who know me well it would be great to hear from the lads again. '86 to '98 Brize, Marham, Coningsby, Falklands x 2Laarbruch, Ploce dockyard camp (Croatia) special hi to Ray Thackeray Brize '86, WO Bones Falklands, WO Costello Marham, Tommy Farrell Laarbruch, Simon Allely Marham, and Andy Phalp I've lost your number. All the best guys.


Anyone who might remember me I would like to hear from them


I was a Teleg serving at Hullavington in 1965-6 best friend then was Phil Cosgrove an SAC Firefighter. We met up again at Abingdon in April/May 1969. If you read this Phil please e mail me.


Just a quick call to anyone who remembers me, I was in from 1980 to 1986 at Wyton, Finningly, Belize and Stanley. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me out there.


I served from 1985 to 1994 at Kinloss, Swinderby and Marham. Hello to everyone who worked with me.

Bennie Zacardelli (Zacc)

Had a couple of e mails from an old mate, we were at Northolt together '72 to'74 then Phil Cawley went to New Zealand and joined the RNZAF fire service, as you can see from this guest page he is now at Wellington Airport. I went out to New Zealand in 2003 to visit family, I asked my nephew to try and find Phil through his contacts in customs but to no avail. He saw my name on the guest page and got in contact. Great news.

Ian (Smeesh)

Great wee site. Served from 1978 to 1985 Macrihanish, Marham, Stanley in the early days, Ascension Island then back to Macrihanish. Short spell at RAE West Freugh. Now chasing civilian aircraft down the runway at Glasgow Airport and have been for the last twenty years. A few names I remember while serving with in your guest book, Nige Burgess did you not play in a band that became very big in the eighties? will pop in and see you in Oban.


Hi great site, found by my old mate Ted Stott. Brings back fond memories. Ted and I were firemen at RAF Wittering. I was known as Bob or Geordie, was in from 1966 to 1972 and at Wittering sharjah and Catterick. To those that know me my best wishes and please contact.

Rob (Bob)

Great site, some names bring up great memories from the past. At Catterick '86 then Cranwell, Ascension, St Mawgan, Cranwell, Ascension then Finningly to finish in '92. A big hello to all who remember me, if we got on get in touch, if we didn't DON'T. Wishing you all well.

Terry (Jess)

Looking forward to meeting some old "Sutton" mates again at the October reunion. Anyone out there remember the crash line up at RAF Buckeburg 2nd TAF consisting of rescue Jeep Bedford water bowser Austin gas truck Ford WOT1 44 and the ex Luftwaffe Henschel foamtender. I know 853 Arthur Basset does nothing but the best for our fly boys also does anyone recall Sgt Holloran i/c Fire Section posted out 1955.


Hello to all who knew me from 1984 to 1998 Kinloss, Belize, Falklands, Catterick, Molesworth, Buchan and Coningsby. Many great memories and many great friends.

Ian (Ned)

Served 1983 to 1997 at Cranwell (twice) Bruggen, Falklands, Coningsby, Ascension, Waddington. Found some people that I would like to get in touch with and some I  dont. Great site


I found this site and thought it may give me a chance to catch up with a few old mates. I served at Waddo between 92 and 98 and am now in the DFS at Menwith Hill. After years of pissing it up and going nowhere I joined the DFS and was a Sub Officer within 6 years. I am aware that most people that knew me back then will not think that possible but here I am keeping it real. If Nige Burgess ever tells you about a lad getting naked in the Pheonix club dining room then its true, I should know.


Trying to find Dave Jenner, can anyone help?


Great site, hello to everyone who knows me.


Hi to all that knows me. I am looking for photo's of RAF Luqa, Malta, fire appliances. If anyone has any and is willing to let me borrow them so I can get them copied that would be great. The period I am looking for is from WW2 to 1979 when RAF Luqa closed down. Many thanks.


I have just visited the Fire Museum at Manston, had a great day thanks to Brian Harris who showed us around. I was an RAF Fireman stationed at RAF West Raynham from 1955 to 1959 and would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time, or any other fireman who served during those years for a good old chin wag.


I found this association by chance surfing the net and it almost had me in tears seeing some of the names and remembering the times. I will be joining the association, however I now live in St Lucia (if you want a cheap holiday give me a shout) I served in the RAF Fire Service from 1983 to 1990 serving at Coningsby, Wittering, Odiham, Belize and Bishops Court, too many names to put down but where are you Useless Eustace, Geordie Wilson, Benny, Brent Inglis, Tiny Cantor, Mick King sorry Sgt, Please drop me a line. ps. Steve Carlsons comment that Coningsby in the early eighties was the best is so true.


Hi everyone, just joined the Fire Service Association would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at RAF Ilminster Somerset, Dalcross Inverness 1952/56


Although no longer a member I am glad to see the association going from strength to strength.


Anyone able to help me with getting in touch with Ted Edwards? I served at Bishops Court with Ted back in '85 to '87. Other names that spring to mind are Archie Carter, Mick Warner, Ian Quarless, Brent Inglis and my good mate Pat Polius (Polly). Any info would be much appreciated.

Robbie Campbell (Akenhead)

Just popped in to say Hi. Just become a Dad again to a wee girl, weird after 15 years. Been in contact with Dave Monk and Reg Metcalfe recently and all is going well. Been retained by Norfolk at Methwell for 3 years, that is very demanding/rewarding. It seems that everyone I joined up with is coming to the end of their 22 now. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you all get what you desire. Dave Thomson your e mail address will not accept messages, weird.


Message from Colin Ellicock in Australia. I have recently come into possession of a medal issued to 3128928 SAC Tankard M.G. The medal was won for a Fire Fighting Championship, information on back of medal is C.C. Fire Fighting Championships 1952 Class "A" winners. Will willingly send medal to said named winner or family if anyone can come up with contacts for him. Please contact George in first instance.


Please be aware that Flt Sgt Nige Burgess and Sgt Chris Thistlewood are having a function down at MoD Manston to celebrate their departure from the RAF Fire Service. If you wish to attend please contact Sgt Billy Wallace at Manston tel: 01843 823351 ext 6388. Information is also available from Nina in the mess reception ext:6283


Hello all, still serving in the RAF Fire Service a big hello to Ray Feranley Dave Lovett Mick Abbott (with the ducks) and the rest of the guys who served with me from 1990 to now served at Honington, St Mawgan, Marham, Buchan and now at Marham, we are the elite fire service


Served 1958 to 1985


Surfed into the site. A few names I  recognise, one or two in the obituaries which is a bit of a wake up call. Served 65 to 74 then 18 years in the RNZAF, still going strong.


Very good site recognised a few names, served 89 to 91 spent time at Waddington, Brawdy, Coningsby Belize and Finningley feel free to get in touch if you remember me.


Macrihanish 77 Wittering 79 Akrotiri 81 Marham 84 King Abdul Aziz International Airport Jeddah 85. Know you guys are out there, only takes an e mail

Carl (Taff)

Great site, I will be joining


Malcolm Raye, see your name in guest page, send me an e mail

Tried to e mail Geordie Turnbull but my message was returned. Give me a call Geordie lad.


Fantastic site. Rob Jones found a message I posted ages ago, as a result we met up last week in Taunton. Fantastic. Pat Thomas and Mick Jones would love to get in contact.


Just signing in to inform you of my new e mail address. Nice to hear from a few old mates recently. Anybody interested in Fire Safety jobs? I can give you details of jobs on offer in Northumbria working for the NHS and in Durham for the Council. Closing dates are 15th May. If you contact me I can give you details and contact numbers.


Great site and a gem for getting in touch with some old sweats. Speak to Tony LaPlanche, Tim Coker and regularly chat with Charlie Boyes. Only have five months left and I leave the service so would be nice to hear from any more of the old guard. By the way if anyone knows the whereabouts of Geoff Murgatroyd please let me know. Thanks Steve.


Hello to all, just thought I'd drop in and see  whats what. I have recently been in touch with Steve Wiles and Dave Monk,. Me, well I joined the police still enjoying that, do miss the old days.

"Big" Al

Hi there to all who remembers me, great times 1978 - 2001 can anyone tell me where Ronnie McGregor ended up after Brize/Fairford in 1981? also where is Craig  Marsden? Feel free to contact me if you know of either. I'd love to mention everyone but the list would be too long...cheers and all the best

George (Geordie)

Just found the site, very interesting saw a couple of names I knew and a couple I should have. Served from 66 _ 74 at  Cottesmore, Gibraltar and  Coningsby. Still in contact close with Billy (Stinky) Onions, anyone who wants to get in touch.

Bennie Zacardelli (Zacc)

To the committee, I wish to thank you one and all for a truly great week end, and all the old mates both young and old, great to see you all again. The present committee members will get my vote and backing 200%, 100% for me and 100% for my wife. Keep up the good work lads. Ciao Bennie.


Hello to anyone who remembers me at RAF Kinloss, I was there from 84/87. Special hello to Richie Brown, Paul (Theo) Theobold, Graeme (Geordie) Bennett, Pete Bennett, Mark Walker, John Johnson, Davey Stenhouse, Billy Wallace, Stevie Walsh, Phil Baker, Gary Sandell, Alan (Taff) Thomas, Nick Broom and the guvnor Steve Davey and all the others who were there at the time hope you are all well. I'm back in Essex working for the Essex Fire and Rescue at Southend. Happy times at the Crown and Anchor.


Great site, quite a few names come to mind, served 1966 to 1978,loved it, missed it. Good luck to all

Dave (Noddy)

Served at Odiham, Coningsby, Saxa Vord, Falklands, Ali Al Salem, anyone want to get in touch please do.

Mark (Geordie)

Great to see some old names and so many good lads details on the site. Anyone who knows me please get in touch, be good to hear from you. Anyone who knows how to get in touch with Pat Pollius (Polly) please drop me a line.

Steve Barron:-steve.barron@

Greetings to all who knows me, hope you are all fit and well nice to see so many names I can put faces to. Enjoyed the site, thanks for the memories.


D4263263 SAC 1961 to 1965 served at RAF Bridgenorth, Catterick, Cranwell ( Barkston Heath, Fulbeck) Masirah, Weeton, Faldingworth. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me.


I served in the RAF Fire Service between 1965 and 1987 finishing at RAF Binbrook, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Hi to all who knows me, I have been out of the RAF for three years now still in touch with some good friends, currently employed as an ambulance technician with East Midlands Ambulance Service. Anyone know the whereabouts of Huw Hughes and Ian Quarless?


My old man was an RAF fireman from 1963 to 1982, he served in various locations St Mawgan, Tongeren, HQ AFCENT, Marham x2 Gibraltar and Waddington. If anyone knows him could they please contact me.


Does anyone out there remember WO "Big Jim" Crabtree and his tale of "Eskimo Nell" When sober he could recite one or two verses but after a few drinks 32 verses. Happy days at Aldergrove 1959.


Attention All. Sgt Tom Eddleston is leaving the RAF Fire Service and off on his merry way to Oban in Scotland where he has recently acquired a cushy little number on Obans Airport Fire Service. If anyone knows him and would like to attend his Top Table in April (exact date to be confirmed) down at MoD FSCTE Manston please get in touch with Flt Sgt Nigel Burgess at the above address. Cost will probably be 18 to 22.


Just to correct e mail address and ask if any members if any members live near an ex MOD surplus equipment site, my sons airfield is looking for an ex RAF Fire Service Mk10 any help would be appreciated.

Terry (Jess)

I would like to trace Fred Wyhmark, Cpl, Fire Section RAF Cottesmore 1958. Anyone know of or in contact with him please pass on my message. Many thanks. Also please note my new e mail address.


Hi to all, please check out the What's New page for details of the new RAF Fire Service Vehicle's print. The print covers the era from the 1970s to the MFV and RIV. It is in full colour. Print one is still available this covers the era from 1920 up to the 1960s. Many thanks for looking. Gordon Smith

Barry Hudson:-barrington

I thought it was high time I had a look at your site and I am well impressed, and good to see so many friends and colleagues are members, I will therefore apply to join. I am sure many will remember me from Manston, Strike Command,  PTC and the Royal International Air Tattoo which I still attend every year. This year should be particularly good being the 60th anniversary of the USAF. The Thunderbirds will be there, first time in UK.


Hi to all who knows me-having been out for three years it's good to see some old names on the site. Please get in touch. It's surprising how much you miss the life when you are out. Hope to meet up with some of you soon. A special Hi to the lads at RAF Kinloss and ex RAF Buchan 2004.

Phillip Stoddard:-phillip

I am an ex firefighter from Canada, 10 years RCAF and have visited several sites and yours is as good as our Canadian site. Bravo Zulu and keep up the good work.


There was an error on my e mail address, this is the correct one.


Just found the site, my regards to all who I have worked with in the past. Will be forwarding my application shortly.


Nice to see a few names I recognise and a few that have gone to the big fire section in the sky. Booked my place a few years ago but the medical profession couldn't stop my tica tica so they put me on hold. Ciao Zacc.

Toby Roy

Would like to contact Colin Nixon. Membership application form is on it's way.


Your site is very interesting. Pierre Lefebvre (Fire Chief) Rolls Royce Canada.


Nice site, so many old names will join up and pop in to see you all soon.


Looking for six members of the fire crews at RAF Bassingbourn in 1968. Their names are Alan Higginbottom, Ron Firth, John Sweeney, Pete Masia, Mick Greene and "Jock" Mckenzie. A friend is organising a surprise 60th Birthday party for his dad so can't put his name on the site for obvious reasons, if anyone knows their whereabouts please pass my e mail address to them, I'll pass on their details to my friend.,

Robert Jones (Sartorious):-rob

Joined !978 to 1985 served at Honington, Tongeron and Maastricht looking for Reg Metcalf, Gerry Frith, Benny, Terry Mon, Ian Moore, Clive Ebert. Still in contact with Ken Slade.


Is there anyone out there who can help me acquire a resource facility fire helmet transfer/sticker for my display. I believe they were they were used up until 1999/2000 at RAF St. Mawgan in Cornwall. Many thanks.


Hi to all, it seems there was an error in my e mail address here is the correct one look forward to hearing from you.

Bennie Zacardelli (Zacc)

Going through the list of names I see that Arnie Young is still around (RAF Butterworth 65-68) would welcome contact with any of the old mates from 1959 to 1978. Last posting RAF Northolt, will be at Peterborough in March looking forward to that weekend. Whose round is it?


Hi all, served with the RAF from 79 to 86 at Henlow, Ascension Island, Wyton, Belize and Coningsby. Then went to AFS at Heathrow now serving in London Fire Brigade in East London. Spotted a few familiar names, keep up the good work.


I have just been browsing the site for the first time, it's interesting to visit and read some of the comments. I served between 1979 and 1986 at Marham, North Coates, Rudloe Manor and Bruggen with brief stints at Ascension and Sardinia. If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you. Regards to all.

Robbie Campbell (Akenhead)

Just came on to say Happy New Year to everyone and hope that everyone has a safe and healthy 2007. Seen some more names that I haven't seen for years, Ray Fearnley  is that your real e mail address? and Dave Thompson long time no see, must be 23 years.

Dave (Thomo)

Just found the site and will join ASAP but as it's New Years Eve 2006 it will have to wait until new year. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Marham, Macrihanish, Germany, Wyton  etc. Just finished with the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and must say that my time with them was not the same as the RAF Fire Service. When I looked at the picks of the 5,5a, 6,7,8,9,10 and DP1,2,3 heart stopped, great vehicles. All the best for 2007 to all the old boys.

John Michael

I was in the RAF Fire Service from 1959 to 1883 I would like to contact old friends from that time.


Hi to all I had the pleasure of working with, found a bit of time to browse the web and came across this site. Now out of the service and Warehouse manager for Typhoon in Lincoln for the last 4 years. Best wishes to all and your families.


Hi to all who remembers me from RAF Benson 1975 to 1980 RAF St. Athan 1980 to 1983. Given "Flaspoint" magazine by a new friend who had just retired from RAF Benson. Looking for old friends. (see Old Colleagues Page)


Hello, was in the RAF from 1988 to 1994 at  Chivenor, Ascension,  Coningsby,  Brawdy. Then with the DFS at Lakenheath and St. Athan. Now with the Mid. & West Wales FRS. Just to say hello to anyone who knows me, some familiar names on the membership list. Feel free to drop me a line.


I am trying to gather information about the fire aboard the MV Daphne in 1968 at RAF Masirah. George Edwards and myself were there at the time and both have our memories and photographs but we would like to gain a fuller picture of the incident from other peoples perspective. If you are just looking through the site and you are a member or not I would love to hear from you. I t doesn't matter if it's only a small contribution it will all help to enhance the story. There are a few people that we know but haven't heard from for a while if you know them and have contact with them I would be grateful for any info. They are "Smiler" Meeson, Paul McGee, Ian Easter. We know that Gordon  Ditchfield and Jock McVey were there but have sadly passed away. Thanks in anticipation.


Hello all, just found the web site as recommended by Terry Monaghan, great site hope to join the Association and meet some old friends


Anyone out there who knows the whereabouts of ex RAF fireman Sgt M.J. King please contact the Association Secretary.

Michael John

G'day anyone out there at Colerne 59/60, Gutersloh 60/62, Cottesmore 62/65, El Adem 65/67. I have some photo's.


Hi to everyone who knows me and a job well done to the editorial team. Gordon (Smudge) Smith has been telling me for what seems like an age to log on and check the site out, thanks mate I was not disappointed!. Anyone who feels the urge to conduct a session or two of trade training please feel free to send me an e mail


Hello all I must be getting old it used to be the promotions I looked in the RAF News for , now I look at the obituaries. Would love to hear from friends and others!!!! from Bovingdon 58/62, Masirah 62/63, Abingdon 63/65, Tengah 65/68 and Sopley 68/70 and as that "miserable sod with a stick" from 70 to 92. Great site Ron a lot of names here and a lot of names missing.


I am looking for information on the whereabouts of Mike Goldstone aka "Goldy" I served with Mike at RAF Saxa Vord 1987 to 1988 but lost contact when posted to RAF St. Mawgan. Last information was that he had married and emigrated to the states.


RAF Nicosia 1958 to 1960 anyone who was in Nicosia during this time, a few names I can think of Jim Burtenshaw, John Reeson, Joe Hughes, Brian Ashby who now lives in New Zealand. I am in touch with him and Brian Pickering, just a few names to remember


I am an ex Fireman 1977 to 1999. Just found the site, didn't know there were so many sad RAF heads about

Dennis (Geordie)

Served 1978 to 1983 Catterick, St. Mawgan, Ascension. Would be happy to correspond with old mates. Particularly would like a contact number for Terry Smallman


Good to take on the task regarding the Fire Crash vehicles. You might like to go to my web site at I am trying to track dopwn Wattishams ACRV 39AA01 could you help in any way. I was a crash fireman at Wattisham for seven years 1963 to 1971 I do have photographs if interested. I was with the Air Ministry Fire Service then the Air Force Department Fire Service. Hunters Lightnings and Buccaneers were the order of the day. Good luck.


Recently came across this dedicated site for ex firemen. Fire sections served 1961 to 1966, Catterick training, Cosford, Swinderby, Christmas Island, Seletar (Singapore) all memories will be gratefully received.


Hi, I served in the RAF Fire Service from 1979 to 2003 at Coningsby, Catterick Fire School, Wyton, Belize,Brize Norton, Ascention, Cranwell, Waddington, Honington, Brize again and detachments to Cyprus, Stanley and MPA,Saudi PSAB, Turkey and Bahrain. Hello to all I served with, great times never to be repeated. I am now in the DR&RS at RAF Leeming. I am looking for the following from my Coningsby days, can you help? ex-Sgt Al Stamp and Chris Pownell, Cpl Trevor Line, Larry Dunnit, Andy Waterworth, Steve Webster, Tony Watts, Derry Dunne, Rob Hookway. Thanks


Hi to all who knew me, will become a member soon along with Lou Lucock, still in touch with Tony Meade, Ralph Taylor, Norman Tarring and Dave Lilley all from Coningsby days. one of the best camps of our era we had some great laughs. Hi to George Edwards he was our crew commander then if I remember, still see George Masterson now and again in Witney my home town. I'm looking for my best man at my wedding Robert Alexander (alex) not been in touch since our Brize days, would like to get in touch, if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know. Hope to see some of you soon, cheers Steve.


I am looking for good quality photos of RFC and RAF fire and crash tenders in order to complete a project recording their history, in particular, anything WW1 or before, Crossley Tender c1920s, Karrier Bantam Domestic, Austin Domestic. If you do not want to dispose of your photos would you consider lending them to me for copying. They would be handled carefully and returned promptly. If you can help please contact me. I really do need to hear from you.


I am the current owner of a TACR1 landrover based fire appliance, military plate 30AG48. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can tell me the history of this vehicle, such as where it was stationed etc. as I have searched across the internet but so far I only know it went to Wellsbourne airfield once it was sold by the military.


Having viewed your site with great interest I thought you may wish to know that all past and still serving members of the Royal Air Force Fire and Rescue Service and the Defence Fire and Rescue Service with 10 years or more service are entitled to receive the British Fire Service Association long service medals. To view an image of these medals and further information go to


Would like to hear from anyone I served with 91/96 at Kinloss, Benson and Laarbruch. I would really like to find my 1st Watch Officer Steve Haden.


Just had a quick look at the site some familiar names have surfaced, wishing you all the best.


Great site. Presently serving as an instructor at MoD FSCTE Manston. Obviously will join the association.


Hello to all! great site and not before time eh! We all should and no doubt are, very proud to say that we have, and some of you still do serve in the best trade in the RAF. Good luck to all who remembers me. Served from March 1983 to August 1997 serving at RAF Coningsby, Gutersloh (under the command of my dad WO Ted Firmager) Cranwell and Wittering finished as a Cpl. I joined Cambridge Police for a quick 5 year stint after having served 3 years as a special. Now working as a planning enforcement officer with North Herts District Council but live at Wittering (ex AMQ - just 100 yards from my old Flt Sgt John Hanley) Be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. Regards, Fergie

John (Dusty)

Excellent web site, I snoop around about once a month. Service 1959 to 1986.


Nelly Morrell and Geordie Shepherd are having their farewell leaving bash on Thursday 14th September 06, Nelly would particularly like to invite Tommy Farrell if anyone has his contact details could you please send them to me.


Anyone know the whereabouts of ex RAF fireman Andy Oakley.


Anyone out there interested in fire helmet transfers? drop me a line.

Alan R

If anyone knows or is in contact with big George Walker (wife Betty) who I served with at RAF Laarbruch 1970-1973 please tell him Alan sends his regards


G'Day, I enjoyed looking round your site but I didn't see anyone I  recognised from my service days. Regards Tony

Mark (Scouse) Watson:-mw

Hi all. Have recently joined the association and had the pleasure of attending the annual meeting in Peterborough earlier this year. I met a lot of old comrades from the past and made many new friends. I would recommend anyone to attend this very well organised get together.


I have had a message from Cecil Irvine he is looking for an ex fireman by the name of Bob Handley, they were stationed at Topcliffe in the early 50s and became friends, met up again at Ballykelly in the mid 50s. Bob was later posted to Castle Archdale and they lost touch. Cecil would like to know if anyone remembers him or knows his whereabouts. Many thanks.

Stewart (Bunders)

Hello to all who had the misfortune to serve with me and make me drink and talk to women for 20 years. Steve Duffy twisted my arm and made me join and I attended the last reunion, where they insisted I drink again (some things never change) Great site and hope to attend the next bash and meet some more old mates.

Albert (Bert)

Hello all, this is a great site. I am looking for old mates who served with me at Moreton in the Marsh 52/53, Gibraltar 53/57,Collaton Cross 57/60 Felixstowe 60/62, El Adem 62/64, Abingdon 64/65. I am deeply sorry to see some of the names I remember have passed on. I now live near Brisbane Australia so anyone who lives out here and remembers me I would love to meet up. Thank you, keep up the good work.


Hi to everyone who knows me, spotted some familiar names on the guest page. I'm out in the Sinai, Egypt at the moment could be back in the UK around December. All the best to everyone.


Never knew there were so many fire service heads out there, pleased to read the lads are doing well, hope Jim Brogan is doing ok. Regards Eddie Bell


I served with the RAF Fire Service from 83 to 96 at Macrihanish, Waddington, Belize, Marham and Honington. Have seen lots of familiar names, sorry to hear of the death of JFK he was my first WO at Macrihanish a hard but fair man and of little Nobby Clark he was a funny wee guy. I am now a Sub at RAF Mildenhall, there are quite a few ex RAF boys here as well. All the best keep up the great work. Oh yes, I have changed my surname!!!!!!


Hello everyone, out in Iraq at the moment at camp Abu Naji in the Maysan Province, if anyone was here before just pulling up a few sandbags and reminiscing so I flicked through the website and saw a lot of names from the past (top blokes) just to let you know that nothing has changed ha ha, hope to join and see a few familiar faces and have a few beers. Leaving next year looking to go into lion taming for my resettlement but cant find a course yet ha ha. All the best from Claydo and the lads in Iraq July 2006.

Guy (Stan)

Served in RAF Fire Service 81 to 92, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Also a colleague of mine in East Sussex Fire and Rescue has got hold of a TACR 1 30AG48 and would like to get hold of any info or photo's of this vehicle. All the best.


Thanks for putting us in touch with Bob Strachan. We are exchanging e mails and its great to be in touch with an old mate


Reg Metcalfe put me on to the site. Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me from any of the stations I served on.

Paul (Reg)

Fantastic site, will join soon. Would love to get in touch with anyone who served at Honington 1982-1986 Martin Keightly, Spike Evans, Geordie Foster, Pat Thomas etc....already in contact with Bomber Brown and Martin Bennett who is in Australia. Keep up the good work.


Hi to all who may remember me, was just browsing and came across this site. Well done to all involved. I served at Henlow and Honington.


Bob Strachan Mem no 156 where are you? We served together at RAF Luqa Malta.If you check photo gallery on Servicepals you will find yourself in my gallery. If you cant remember me I'm sitting on crash one. Would love to get in contact again, or with anyone who was on "D" crew 1965/67


Looking for old mates from my days of being an RAF fireman, I served on the following Fire Sections, Watton 65/66, Khormaksar 66/67, St. Mawgan 68/69, Masirah 59/70. By the way this is a good site.


Served 83/91 at St Mawgan, TFQ Benson, Helow.  Be good to hear from Anyone who knows me.


It was good to be able to look through your site but I did'nt see any of the chaps I served with. I joined Forces Reunited but it was the same on there. Is there any other sites in the UK for ex firemen, Thanks.


Just received info on the association from Mark Watson so will definately be joining, great to see some old faces in the magazine. Hope to catch up with you all soon.


Just a quick browse - Steve Bowden is always on at me to get my house in order and get my membership sorted so have taken the hint. Good site, many old and familiar names on the list will definately use the site following demob later this year after 30 years. Please get in touch any old colleagues who wish to catch up.


Nice site, the RAF fire site is looking a bit jaded now. Any old Marham or Saxa Vord types out there give me a call

George (Scouse)

I am a former RAF fireman served from 1965 to 1987. I have recently published an autobiography "Out of the Blue an Aimans Tale" Basically its a story of my time on RAF fire sections including Marham, Masirah, Church Fenton, Sharjah,Lindholme, Gutersloh, Laarbruch,St. Athan, Coningsby and Stanley. Ron Brown has recently mentioned the book in the What's New page on this web site. The book is selling well and my publisher has asked me to consider a new book, I am therefore  looking for stories to include in the book about individual experiences on a RAF fire section. I have already received quite a few brilliant tales. I welcome all stories regardless of length, you may want to record a particular incident or experience or you may want to record a brief history of your RAF fire service career. Please make an effort to make a contribution, it is your opportunity to record for posterity the part you played in the development of the RAF fire service. If possible I would like to record as many incidents as well as more humourous anecdotes. If you are the recipient of a bravery award or know someone who is please contact me or put me in touch. If you would like a copy of my book please send a cheque for 9 made payable to George Edwards 8 East Close, Eccleston Park, Prescot, Merseyside L34 2RA and I will dispatch a copy ASAP. Always look forward to hearing from old crew mates.


I would just like to say hello to anyone who remembers me. I served in the RAF Fire Service from 1981 to 1997, left the RAF as a Cpl and the fire service at Chivenor in Devon which later became DFRS serving as L/FF for 9 years. Two tours in Bruggen, instructional duties at CTE Manston and various UK postings and overseas detachments.


Would love to hear from anyone who had the misfortune to serve with me 1976 to 1993.

Don Williams:-don

I was in the RAF Fire Service at Scampton, St. Athan, Halton, Khormaksar and Waddington between 1957 and 1966. Hi to anyone who may remember me "Doc"/"Skid"

Neil John

As ex RAF Fire Service still serving DF&RS I didn't know this site existed, saw a lot of names I recall and glad they are still around.


Hi all, served at High Wycombe, Honington, Salalah, Marham.


Hello to anyone who can remember me, great site keep up the good work.

Allen Brooks:-dorothyandallen@tele

Really pleased to have just found the web site, what splendid idea. I look forward to viewing the site at regular intervals and hopefully joining the association in the near future.

Grant Macleay:-grant.macleay@btinternet,com

Well like you Bob I have just found the site, I see Gary Mole has also found it and have you still got that tattoo. Gary I think we are living in the same area ( Morayshire ) if so contact me.


Just surfing the net as I sit in the Democratic Republic of Congo in deepest darkest africa. Great to see some old faces including Steve Bowden attending dedication of standard. Great site. Would like to hear from old mates. Served 1977 to 2001.


Having served in the RAF Fire Service 1961 - 1973, I have just been contacted by Ron Brown (we served at the same time 1963/66 in Gibraltar) Have just filled my application form in. Great site.


Found your leaflet about the RAF & Defence Fire Service when I visited the RAF Tangmere Air Museum. I was a member of the Air Force Department Fire Service at RAF Andover 1968 / 74 then later with the Army Fire Service based at the Army Air Corps Netheravon and then Tidworth until it closed in 1980.


Is there any way I could contact a Mr Dennis Barber (membership No 642)as this gentleman gave my wife away at our wedding at RAF Binbrook in 1976. I would be most gratefull for any help as I have been trying to contact him for years.

Brian E.

Looking forward to contacting and hopefully getting reaquainted with old buddies. On the Servicepals web site I found two ex firemen I knew at RAF Kinloss (1 of 5 stations I served at in 12 years service. Hope to find lots more here.


I am looking to contact Terry Monaghan. Nice picture by the way Terry.


Would love to hear from anyone who knows me or my wife Betty.


I'm ex Defence Fire Service and worked at RAF Leeming in North Yorks and now working for the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. I'm in the process of collecting pictures of RAF or Defence Fire Service vehicles in action (1940 onwards) Can anyone help.

Bill Grundie

Just Browsing, will be back for more info later.


I was an RAF Firefighter at RAF Kinloss from 1980/84. If anyone remembers me I am still alive and well and living in North East Scotland To Bob Evans hi, hows the RAF Regiment tattoo looking after 20 years. I am trying to find firefighting work in Middle East ie Saudi Arabia if anyone can help with addresses please let me know.


Is anyone out there still breathing who was at Fassberg or Gutersloh in 1947/8/9

Brian Collacot

Just wondered if anybody remembers my dad Brian Collacot, he was in Gan in 1967 look forward to hearing from anyone.

Stephen Harrison

Thanks to all the committee and anyone who helped to organise the reunion at Hull. An enjoyable weekend where it was great to meet old friends.

Peter Allen

Nice site, good to see photo of Monitor and Mk5, I drove both vehicles in Aden in 1953. Did my training at Sutton on Hull in 1947.

Bernard Murphy

Thanks for the reunion at Hull, it was well organised. I think we should consider going back for a third time. Best of luck to the site.

Stephen Taylor

I was a firefighter in the RAF from 1976 to 1989. Stationed at Binbrook, Catterick, Macrihanish, Cottesmore. Anyone who may remember me please get in contact. Would like to find my best man Mark Watson who was last heard of working in USA for Macdonald Douglas. Best wishes to all and keep up the good work.


I served for 12 years in the RAF as a firefighter and have just been contacted by my old friend Ron Brown (we served together at RAF Bruggen in the early 1970s) I was very sorry to hear of the death of John Arthur who was a very good friend over many years.

Chris Wilson

Good website, anyone who had to put up with me between 1978 and 1987 get in touch. Regards to all.

Mick Hayward

I open site frequently and always find something I have'nt seen before. Keep up the good work.

Norman Killeen

Greetings to all who remember me as that brat of WO Jack Killeen. If you read this Uncle Derek (Moscrop) send me an e mail and I will give contact details. Cheers, Norman

Malcolm Ray

Looking for ex mates from Waddington,Saxa Vord,Masirah,Oakington,Afcent etc

Colin (Nicky)Nixon

Looking to contact colleagues stationed at RAF Ternhill 1956 to 1961


Very good site, will return often

Bob Evans

Just found this site and would like to say hello to anyone who remembers me.

Christopher Barraclough

I am an ex service member of the RAF Fire Service from 1990 to 1996 and would like to contact anyone I worked with. As I am currently living in Australia I would also like to make contact with anyone who is also in Australia.

Tony Waterfield

I have been looking for a very good friend of mine who was a fireman in the 60's his name is John Hodson and was at RAF Nocton Hall with me and my now wife Margaret Strong and would love to make contact again. P.S. His wifes name is Marie.

Bob Bigelow

One of your members is Vance Hull, I wanted to see if he had any of his paintings for sale but unable to locate.

Tony La Planche:-

Site visited I seem to remember being able to view the guestbook, is this still possible.


There must be someone out there who knows me (Archie) RAF Valley, Ta Kali, Henlow, Khormaksar, Abingdon 1957/1969


Glad to have found site


Hi to all


I was a crash crewman in the US Marine Corps and am now a civilian FF, just snooping around, this is a great site. Thanks


I was in the RAF Fire Service from 1959 to 1968 and was stationed at RAF Leuchars, Binbrook, Akrotiri, Troodos,Wyton,El Adem any old colleagues can contact me by e mail

Ramon Allen

My father Thomas George Draycott's first posting was to Ballyalbert NI where he drove the crash tender I am looking for any info or photographs trucks he would have driven.

Ronald Colin

A very enjoyable set of photographs, as an ex fireman I was very interested, I have just applied to become a member.